Introduction: Huge Aluminum Casting. Hanger

This lost-foam casting will be a little bit harder than my usual projects. It'll be huge aluminum casting of a thing with a very complex shape - clothes hanger. Yes, I know that coat hanger doesn't sound as something very complex but if we think about the shape than you can understand why it's hard.

Step 1: Making a Pattern

To make a pattern I will use polystyrene sheet. To cut the shape of a hanger I'll use my new hot wire cutter.

Step 2: Making a Mold

Making a mold using lost-foam casting technology. For this process I need a flask, green sand, foam pattern and a lot of time.

Step 3: Casting Aluminum

When aluminum is melted it's time to cast. I had a leakage but it's not a big deal.

Step 4: Sanding and Final Result

This clothes hanger looks not bad after sanding though I had some problems during casting and had to use all 4 risers. I understood that I could have some problems during casting of such thing and that was the reason why I've made 4 risers.