Introduction: Huge Bubble Maker

Hello and welcome to my first instructable. This instructable is how to make a huge bubble maker, now i'm no english teacher so please excuse the grammatical errors. I have seen some youtube videos of these but never found one on how to make one, so i rednecked one and with some trail and error got one that work great. can be made in just a few minutes and for cheap!! i also found a bubble mix recipe that works out great 

Step 1: Parts for the Bubble Maker

All you needs is 

2 wooden dowel rods
cotton cord
2 eye screws
a few washers

For the dowel rods i used 3/8" by 48" long $0.84 each
The cotton cord is braided cotton cord 1/8"x45' $2.97
Eye screws are 1 1/16"  $2.99 for a pack of 12
washers i had lying around

So for around  $8.00 you have one and enough supplies to build more if you buy more dowel rods.Witch i recommend because when the other kids on the block see huge bubbles they come running, believe me.

Step 2: Assembly

1) screw the eye screws to one end of the dowel rods
2) cut two lengths of the cord one 70 inches the other 100 inches 
3) slide a few washes to the middle of the long cord ( needed for weight ) i used 3 small ones
4) tie one one of both cords to one eye screw  and the other ends to the other screw 

TA DA your done! what you should have now when you hold it up is a upside down triangle see how the washer hold down the bottom length of cord.  

Step 3: The Mix

for the bubble mix the best i have found yet is as follows

12 cups of water 
1 cup of cornstarch 
1 cup of dish liquid ( dawn brand works best but any will do )
2 tablespoons of baking powder (not baking soda)
and the SECRET INGREDIENT  is a few oz. of  "personal liquid lubricant" yes i know this sounds funny but it has Glycerin in it that make the bubbles larger with out popping. You can buy the Glycerin at a hobby shop if you dont want to get the funny looks at the store buying the lube but it cost more the the lube.

mix it all together in a large bowl or bucket it will be cloudy and if it sits for awhile the cornstarch will for a paste in the bottom but stir it back up and it will still be good. i have keep the stuff for a week before and it was still good after stirring   

Step 4: Now the MAGIC

Now all you got to do is go outside and holding the rope ends of the "wand" together dip all the rope into the mix and keeping it together lift out hold it up into the air a little and slowly open the "wand" ends so the rope forms the V and if you has a little wind it will blow it up for you, if no wind just start ti slowly walk backwards, If you want to close the bubble and watch it float away slowly close the "wand" ends to bring them together and it will close up and drift away. i like to keep it open and just see how long it can get before it pops ( have had some 30 footers myself ). 

i also love the view you get from making them because you are the one who can look down the bubble from the inside,

made this for my kid but  she always has to say " dad its my turn " , who dont like huge bubbles????

In case you were wondering the redneck setup in the background is a pvc  " sprinkler " i made for her to play under and ride her bike through on hot days. cost for that $12.00 
Well thanks for reading and leave a comment to let me know what you think.