Hugging Santa Christmas Card



Introduction: Hugging Santa Christmas Card

Mother of two small children. Create stuff is a nice way to get the stress of my shoulders

A Christmas card that send a big hug to the receiver :)

This is fairly simple and it looks way cuter then it's hard to make, win win.

So hope it will be useful for you as well :-)

Step 1: Tools and Supplies

* Red paper A5

* Pink paper for cheeks (3*6 cm is enough)

* A sheet of white paper A4

*Black paper for eyes (2*4 cm is enough)

* Scissor

* Glue

*White paint for the shine in the eyes.

Step 2: Fold and Cut the Base

I measured the red A5 and marked it in 4 parts, the outer forth quarters was then folded against the middle.
I then folded it in the other length in half. This is best seen in the pictures.

I then started cutting it as an envelop, wanted to make it look like a pair of arms and a santas cap, and still being able to hide the entire santa when it was closed.

Step 3: Cut the Pieces

I started by folding the red A5 paper as an envelop, as you could see in the previous step.

Then I used that as a guide when cutting the rest of the santa, because then I could see how wide the beard had to be and the face a.s.o.

Step 4: Cheeks, Beard and Hat

Yes, this step is just to look at the pictures, to see where I put the different parts.

Step 5: Eyes and Gloves

I made fairly large eyes, always makes stuff cuter : )

I had a hobby paint in white that I dripped on the black eyes, to make it look like it glows.

As the last step I added the gloves, and it's important to try that it is still possible to close, and if possible, that you can only see one glove when closed.


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