Human Cactus

Introduction: Human Cactus

This is my hand-made Halloween costume for 2015! Some call my, Cactus Girl, Human Cactus, Prickly Princess, and they all apply beautifully!

This costume is simply made out of bed sheet and curtain fabric, string, needle and thread, hot-glue, cardboard, and sharpie, flowers, and pebbles for added detail.

I am a very proud "plant-mom" and this has been my most active year (2015) of gardening, landscaping, and starting my own home nursery. My connection with my plants and the out doors, does something for my soul that nothing else compares to!

My very first "plant-baby" was/is a bunny-eared cactus, and though this costume does not quite portray that specific species of cacti, this costume is to honor my new found love of horticulture and of course: The Fascinating Cactus!

I have received nothing but verbal-applause from my friends, family, peers, and strangers. I achieved my goal of stepping outside of the box, and setting the bar high for next year's costume!

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