Introduction: Humane Mousetrap

If you find yourself with one or more mice in residence and aren't into the whole death and destruction thing, there is a simple way to capture them for release. Keep in mind that if they like your house, they will travel pretty far to get back so release them quite a ways away with a likely living area between them and you.

I discovered this method by accident. Mice kept showing up in my trash.

Step 1: The Container

Find a tall, smooth sided garbage pail. The 13 gallon (50L) kitchen size should work for all but the strongest mice. I did watch one jump up and grab the rim of one 19" (50cm) tall and flip himself out. Since I have caught about 30 in the same container, I just named him Jackie Chan and let him continue to live at the house.

Step 2: The Bait

Mice like peanut butter. Take an old pill bottle and put about 1 teaspoon (5ml) of peanut butter in the bottom. This will keep things fairly neat.

If you don't check it daily, a bit of water will keep your new friend alive.

Step 3: Patience

Ideally, check it twice a day. When they are first caught, they will make thumping sounds as they jump. After awhile, they just settle in.

It will help them out if you put it near something they can climb and jump in. I usually put it near a bookcase or my desk.

Step 4: Evacuation

Pick up the pail, carry it to where you want him to go and tip it on its side. They usually leave in a hurry and then stop moving so you can't see them easily. Every couple of mice you should hose out your trap. They can be messy.

And yes, I didn't have a photo of a captured mouse. I improvised.