Introduction: Humidifier for Winter

As the weather got cold, the humidity dropped. It is very dry by turning on the heater in the room. Because it is dry, my eyes are stiff, my neck aches and my skin is dry. I wanted to make a humidifier. When I google it hard, there was a humidifier that I could easily make. I do not need any special skills, I decided to make using felt.

Step 1: Prepare

Prepare a felt. Note that nonwovens and felt are different. For humidification, a felt must be used to absorb and evaporate water. I made it at the end of last year, and I decided to make it a red for Christmas atmosphere. Expecting it to be a good interior ...

Prepare a bottle that is not too small and does not fall over easily.

Step 2: Cut and Roll

Create a wick to absorb water. Cut the felt long to fit the bottle used for the humidifier.

After determining the size of the humidifier to be completed, consider the size and cut the felt to the proper size. Fold the cut rectangular felt pieces in half, and cut them at the same interval in the folded area. Please note! Do not cut it all the way to the end, but leave a gap of about 2cm and cut it. Cut the entire felt at the same interval.

When the cutting is finished, put the cut wick between the second cropped felt, press and roll the felt from one end to the other by hand. Fix the rolled felt with rubber band or string.

It's almost finished! When you look at it from the top, it looks like a pretty flower, please spread it with your hands more abundantly.

Step 3: Decorate Like a Vase

I look for a pretty bottle I have collected. It may be a glass bottle or a plastic. Fill the bottle with water and put the flower made by felt into the entrance.

As the felt absorbs the water quickly, the flower part becomes moist, and as the water evaporates from the felt, it acts as a humidifier. As a result of using it, the eyes are less painful than before, and the view is good.

To continue to use the humidifier, the felt must be cleaned thoroughly. At least once a week, it is better to let the soda into the water and wash it.

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