Introduction: Humvee Toddler Bed With Toy Box


  • 1 4x8' sheet of 3/4" plywood
  • Approx 1.5 sheets of 4x8' 1/2" plywood
  • Full scale pdf printable cutting templates
  • Stay open and Soft close hardware for toy box lid like this one from Amazon.
  • One 30" piano hinge or alternative for the toy box lid.
  • Wood glue
  • 1 1/4" pocket hole screws or acceptable alternative of joining 3/4" material.
  • Wood finish sealer and black, grey, yellow, red paint
  • 1/2" pipe insulation foam with spray adheasive.

Step 1: Cut Out the Main Bed Frame and Assemble Per the Plans/dimensions

The dimensions of this bed frame leave an opening that is 29 1/2". this will fit a standard toddler/crib mattress. After cutting the 29 1/2" spacer parts, the side rail parts and the toy box base, I assembled using pocket hole screws. You can use other screws or methods and is a good idea to pre-drill holes, glue, and perhaps cap off the screw holes with a wood dowel to prevent little fingers from catching on screws/wood etc...

Use the 3/4" material for these main framing members and save the 1/2" material for the templates below.

Step 2: Print Out the PDF Templates

These PDF files were created using 123D Make. This allows you to print off the pdf patterns at full scale and then re-assemble them like a puzzle. I choose to just glue the paper shapes right onto the 1/2" plywood and cut close to the line with a jigsaw followed by a handheld sander.

Step 3: Finishing Details

After glueing the 1/2" truck profile parts to the outside of the bed frame, I decided to paint just the bed frame black and finish the profile parts with a clear natural wood finish. Many humvees are desert tan which was close enough to the birch plywood I was using.

Wheels - You can certianly cut the wheels yourself using a jigsaw or jig/router, but I decided to skip this step since I found some pre-milled circular shaped project wood at menards which was reasonably priced. you are looking for something that is around 14 or 15 inches in diameter for the wheels. I raised the bed frame up on blocks until the wheels looked like they were the right height before attaching to the truck.

Engine hood / Toy box - The engine compartment at the front of the bed serves as the toy box. The lid for the toy box is constructed with 1/2" material. The soft close hardware is a must have for saving little fingers and works great. The hardware comes with a diagram for showing the correct placement on the inside of the toy box lid.

Doors- you will notice that I scraped my initial plan to put a front door on hinges and just take the door off. This seemed like the sensible thing to do for my toddler and lets face it, many humvees are missing doors anyway. I secured the pipe insulation to the edges that get climbed on with a spray can of adhesive.