Introduction: Hung Curd - How to Hang Curd? -

Hung Curd & Hung Yogurt – How To Make Hung Curd?

Hung curd is nothing but the usual curd (dahi) hung long enough in a finely sieved colander or a cheese cloth to be drained of most of the whey and moisture. If you were to hang yogurt, the resultant is hung yogurt.

Curd is not yogurt and yogurt is not curd. They are very different dairy products. Curd is made by curdling milk with acids from sources such as lemon or vinegar. Where as yogurt is made by fermenting milk using bacterial culture. so choose what you want. Creamy and rich hung curd and yogurt find their application in a lot of East Indian recipes. Mostly in baked or grilled meats such as tandoori chicken and a wide range of kababs.

Besides using hung curd to marinate and grill meat, we use them in our salads and also as an accompaniment to cereals. The next time you hang a batch of curd, try mixing a couple of scoops with fresh pomegranate pearls and let us know how you liked it.

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