Introduction: Hunger Games Mockingjay Pin and District Seal

This instructable will show you how to make the mockingjay pin and district seal from the Hunger Games books.  They are simple to make and use common, easy to find materials.

Here is a link to an online quiz for finding out which district you belong in, which you can use for making your district seal.

This is my first instructable.  Sorry for poor image quality. I will use a better camera for future instructables.  I would have included more pictires, but there was a problem downloading the other pictures I had.  I included the ones that were important to the building process.

Please be careful when making and using this instructable.  I am not responsible If you hurt yourself.  It is not particularly dangerous, but I'm sure someone will find a way.

Please enjoy. Leave helpful suggestions or questions in the comments.

Step 1: Materials


Mockingjay Pin   -Aluminum soda can (Cut as shown, you only need the bottom and the large sheet)
                           -Paperclips (I used 2)
                           -Pin from a campaign button or similar

District Seal        -Thin cardboard
                           -Aluminum foil
                           -Pin from button (Optional)

Tools                  -Scissors
                           -Craft Knife
                           -Hot glue gun
                           -Hot glue
                           -Wire cutters
                           -Pen or pencil
                           -Sharpie pens (Optional; yellow and orange for mockingjay, black for district seal)

Step 2: Cutting Out Soda Can Parts

On the bottom section of the can, cut out the protruding part tha looks like a ring.  I used metal shears to cut out the outside perimeter of the ring, then cut out the inside to get a hollow ring.  Draw an outline of the mockingjay, or find one on the internet and print it out.  Make sure it is about the same size as the ring, with the tail and wingtips hanging over the edge slightly.  Transfer it to the aluminum sheet (from the soda can) by placing the image on the sheet and tracing over the outline with a pen or pencil.  You should see the raised outline on the aluminum.  Then cut out the shape.  I found it easiest to use scissors because the aluminum is so thin.  You can then cut out the pieces for the arrow. 

Step 3: Assembly

Flip the mockingjay piece over.  Use a pencil, pen, paperclip, or toothpick to press lines into the shape for the feathers and other details, using an image of a mockingjay pin as a reference.  This will help to add depth and realism.  Bend small segments of a paperclip into pieces that fit along the outlines of the aluminum shape.  These will add structural support to the flimsy aluminum.  Sand the paperclip pieces and the aluminum, then use hot glue to attach them.  Find one of those pin-on buttons, the kind that politicians give out to try to make people vote for them.  Use pliers to remove the pin part, then hot glue it to the back of the mockingjay pin.  Cut a straight piece of paperclip, and hot glue the two arrow pieces to it.  Hot glue the arrow to the mockingjay in the correct position, using an image as a reference.  Take the ring part from the bottom of the can that we cut out earlier.   Attach the mockingjay to thie ring using hot glue on the wingtips and tail.  Jou may also use glue where the arrow overlaps the ring.  It helps to sand the surfaces before gluing.

Step 4: Coloring

Here is a simple way to reate the gold color using yellow and orange sharpie pens and a paper towel.  First, color in the entire pin with the yellow sharpie, and allow to completely dry.  Then, color in small areas with the orange sharpie and wipe it off with the paper towel, without letting it dry.  Keep doing this in small sections until this is done on the entire pin.

Step 5: District Seal Pin

To make a pin of the district seals, find an image of the seal of your choice and print it out.  Trace the shape on a piece of cardboard, and cut it out.  If you are using thin cardboard, you can glue together several layers for rigidity.  Then, use a pair of needlenose pliers and a wire cutter to shape and cut pieces of paperclip for the word "District" and the district number.  Atrach these to the district seal using your choice of glue(I do not recommend hot glue).  On paper or thin cardboard, cut out the shape of the two olive branches and the symbol of the district, and glue them to the seal.  All of these parts will add depth and dimension to the final product.  Glue a piece of aluminum foil to the seal, wrapping it around to the back.  Press down the foil around the details to make them stand out.  Use a paperclip, pencil, or other tool to press in lines for the details such as the olive braches and district symbol.  To create the metal finish, color the seal with a black sharpie, then wipe it off, working in small sections.  Hot glue a pin to the back.  I did mine for District 3, but you can make one for any district you want.