Introduction: Hybrid Pistol

About: I like building knex guns and modding nerf guns. I play Call of Duty and Minecraft. I also own a minecraft server.
Meet my Hybrid pistol. It uses a hodgepodge of different Knex gun parts to create. It has a removable mag with an external pusher, my own custom trigger, and a UTKG handle.

-The UTKG is owned by jaredb1
-The mag and its holder is the Oceanous removable mags pistol
-The receiver is a modded version of Oblivitus's SLIM shotgun receiver
-The trigger is designed by myself

I call it the Hybrid Pistol for now as it is a hybrid of all the types of guns shown above. Its mag holds 8 rounds (I think, I don't have enough to load it completely up yet), which are gray connectors. It shoots not so well for me, as I need new rubber bands. Here are the specs.


Looks nice
Shoots far with proper rubber bands
Removable mag. Magwell could fit Dr. Richtofen's drum mag most likely.


My trigger sucks, so it will stick from time to time.
Ammo pops out of mag unless the pusher is unhooked.