Introduction: Hydro-dipping a Pumpkin

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Hydro-dipping your pumpkin is great for decorating for the fall season, and it's super fun and easy.


5 gallon bucket

Any color spray paint



Step 1: Preparing the Pumpkin

Clean your pumpkin thoroughly. Make sure any excess dirt is removed before you begin.

Step 2: Fill the Bucket

Next, fill your five gallon bucket of water a little above half way. You don't want your water to overflow.

Step 3: Preparing to Hydro-dip

Shake your spray paint bottle. Next, spray your choice of paint into the bucket of water.

Step 4: Dipping Your Pumpkin

Wear gloves if you do not want to get paint on your hands. Carefully dip the bottom of your pumpkin into the bucket.

Step 5: Letting Your Pumpkin Dry

Set your pumpkin on something to dry before doing the next layer.

Step 6: Finishing Up

After the bottom of your pumpkin has dried, flip it over and repeat the process for the top of the pumpkin. After letting the second layer dry, put it in your house or on your porch for decor.

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