Introduction: Hydroponic System

For the basic Hydroponic system i have created you will need,

. 1, 2 liter soda bottle.

. 1 sock or anything that can be used as a wick.

. Stone, Gravel, Top soil or anything you ca use as a fill to place the seeds in.

. Water

. Plastic wrap

. seeds of choice

Step 1: Setting Up the System.

The first thing you will need to do is empty the contents of the bottle (an empty bottle works best). The second step is tho cut the bottle in half. After the bottle is separated, fill the bottom half of it with water and set it aside. Next stick your wick through the hole in the top of the bottle so the wick would be AT LEAST 1 inch into the water. Next, fill the top side of the bottle with top soil then place it in the water. Then plant your seeds and wrap the top of it in plastic wrap until germination occurs.

Step 2: Pictures of the Final Product.

Step 3:

These are the final results and growing progress after 2 weeks!