Introduction: I HATE!! ROACHES!!!!

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Let be honest now, who out there doesn't hate roaches? Here is way to deter them if they are as smart as we all know they are, without the use of pesticides. Just place your little roach gallows in a prominent place and as they scurry past, maybe they will get the idea that you mean business and just move to the house next door. So have some fun and make one, two, or even three and send that message loud and clear, YOUR NOT WANTED HERE!!!!

Step 1: What You'll Need

All you will need for this project is some 3 mm ply, glue, toothpick, and a small piece of string (rope). If you have a problem scaling the file, just select all, and make it 270 mm x 120 mm and you sure be good to go.

Step 2: Scaffold

Check the orientation of the base and glue main scaffold supports as shown.

Step 3: Upper Deck

Place the deck in place and find the two pieces that make the gallows, and glue them together as shown.

Step 4: Stairs

Next glue the stairway supports and stair treads as shown.

Step 5: Finishing Touches

Make a tiny hangman's noose (that's a full instructables in itself) probably the hardest thing about the whole build. Notice how out of scale the noose is in the first shot, I had separate several stands to make a more convince knot (the other wasn't going to fool even a half witted roach). Finally glue the trap door in place, remember this is only a deterrent (no roaches will actually be harm here, so no comments from any of you bug lovers out there. Have fun and if you actually make a working trap door send a photo...

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