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I Love Lucy is one of my favorite retro television shows, and who doesn’t love Lucille Ball?!  Supremely talented, hysterically funny, and incredibly gorgeous. 

So I decided I NEEDED an I Love Lucy costume.  But which dress to choose?!  Blue polka dots seemed the most iconic (there are a few different versions that were worn on the show) so that was where I started.    

Step 1: The Dress

Vogue 8433 is a vintage pattern from the 1950s, which seemed incredibly appropriate.  There was not quite enough fabric to cut the pattern out, so I improvised the skirt and pleated in the excess until it fit the bodice waist.  Contrasting collar and cuffs were made of white eyelet, and makes the dress feel very Lucy.

Since I wear them all the time anyway, a crinoline was added from the closet.

And, of course, I needed a matching belt and buckle!

But something was still missing . . .

Step 2: The Apron

An apron seemed like the perfect addition.  They are, after all, so much fun to make!  And since Miss Lucy spent a whole lot of time in the kitchen (with varying degrees of success) it was a great detail to add.

I started with Butterick 6567, and added a ruffle to the edge and messed about with some rick-rack trim.  This pattern is fabulous!  I have made quite a few versions – they make fabulous gifts and are the perfect excuse to use adorable quilting cottons.  Although it provides little in the way of coverage, and may not be all that useful against kitchen stains, it certainly is cute and very Lucy appropriate!

I even found an I Love Lucy wig, which is the perfect finishing touch.

Step 3: Tino's Ricky Costume

And so my little guy, Valentino, could join in the fun, I made him a little Ricky Ricardo outfit.

I like starting with a standard pattern and making alterations from there, as opposed to starting from scratch.  Simplicity 3939 is a pattern that fits him quite well, so I pulled it out as a reference guide.

The most important thing for me is making the costume work with his harness and leash.   Instead of cutting the suit jacket on the fold, I seamed it along the center back, leaving an inch or so open between his shoulders (where his harness clip is).  Also, it is important that he feels comfortable.  He loves all the attention/treats he gets when he is dressed up, but he has to be able to move!

The collar and tie snaps on much like any dog collar.  It was made from scraps of quilting cotton.

Happy Halloween, everyone!  I can't wait for next year!

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