Introduction: I PRANKED YOUR FACE!! (a Small Guide to Pranks)

Let see.  you want to prank someone.  April fools right?  i got two good pranks that will drive someone INSANE.the first one involves...PACKAGE FOAM. 
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Step 1: STEP ONE...

Okay.  My mom and some friends did a prank on some people a few years back.  They filled that persons house ENTIRELLY with package foam.  There was so much that after they cleaned it up and started to move to another house a few years later they were STILL finding package foam.  All you need for this step is....
1) Key to there house
3)Lot and lots of package foam
Okay.  need a key to there house?check under the mat,under a plant pot or under any rocks that look fake.  Next fill it completly with pakage foam.  for a small house i say about.... 200 bags worth.  Trust me this pisses people off so BEWARE.  It could ALSO be called breaking and entering so its best to have permission to go into their house.


Okay THIS prank is to shutdown your victims computer.  Go to "New"  Click on "Shortcut".  In the window that pops up copy and paste:shutdown.exe -s -t 120 -c20 "Your computer has committed suicide, have a nice day."  This works for vista and xp.  In the quatation you can put any whacky phrase you want and it will appear. The number in front of -c is the time the victm's computer has before it shuts down.  TIme to DIGUISE IT.  What i found works best is the Internet Icon.  This could be Safari, Firefox,  Or Internet Explorer.  Right click on it and go to properties.  Then at the bottom click change icon.  Find your desired icon and test it out! (to cancel shutdown go to "Run" and type in shutdown -a.)


Hide your friends documents.  All you have to do is move everything on his or her desktop to a folder.  Highlight ALL of the files and documents.  Then right click them go to properties and click "Hidden".  These files are now INVISIBLE.  You can UNhide these files by unclicking hidden.


Okay.  we all know that walking in on someone in the bathroom.....yeah.  It's disturbing right?  Well.  Lets prank someone by making a motion sensor that will play farts and other "background" noises  when someone crosses the beam!!  You will need basic soldering skills and :
1) a motion sensor(i will be using a "Spygear"  Motion sensor that i got from a happy meal a few years ago)
2)a small speaker (radio shack has quite a few. you can also use an ipod speaker.)
3)batter case(radio shack!!)
4)Knif/Slide Switch(Aint radio shack awesome?)
Optional: Project box.(RADIOSHACK!!!)
Then just sauder the wires in the electrical diagram below!
(Note:  Try using painters tape or scotch tape to attach the box to the wall so it doesnt damage it.)
To find the sounds try!  Load it on to your Mp3 player and let it prank!

Step 5: Lets Talk Straight

Im entering this instructables in the PROJECT PRANK contest.  PLEASE vote for me!  Tell me what you think!  Comment,Rate,subscribe!!!  i gave you 3 pranks in ONE instructable.  Plus im nice.  i said please :D  This is my second instructable.  Check out my first one!