Introduction: IKEA HACK: Single Flower Vase

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Display your floral arrangement a little differently by showcasing just one. This elegant and simple vase uses an inexpensive bamboo plant box from IKEA and a glass canning jar.

This easy to make vase is sure to draw attention, and will really make one special flower stand out. Use it as a holder for the last flower from a bouquet and make it look like it was meant for a vase like this.

Let's make!

Step 1: Supplies

Step 2: Find Middle of Bottom and Drill

If your plant pot has a plastic liner remove it. They are usually just held in with a little hot glue.

Turn over the bamboo plant pot and find the center by drawing a line from the diagonal corners, where they intersect is the center.

Drill an opening through the drawn intersection, finish any rough edges with fine grit sandpaper.

Step 3: Drill Opening in Jar Lid

Unscrew the band and lid from the glass canning jar.

Find the center of the circular jar lid by drawing a chord (a line that intersects any two points on the circumference of a circle). Draw at least 3 chords, then find the midpoint of each chord and draw a line perpendicular to the chord towards the center. Drawing a few chords and perpendicular lines will allow to to create a close average; where these perpendicular lines intersect will be the center of the jar lid.

Place the lid on a scrap piece of wood and drill through the found center using the same bit as for the bamboo pot.

Step 4: Epoxy Lid to Inside of Pot

2 part epoxy is strong stuff. The canning jar I used has a band and a lid, so the lid was epoxy glued into the band. Next, the band top was glued to the inside of the pot, lining up the openings. Make sure not to get any epoxy on the threads of jar band. Let the epoxy cure completely.

Step 5: Fill Jar With Water

Fill jar 2/3 of the way with cold water. If your flowers came with powdered floral preservatives add a sprinkle to the water now.

Keeping the jar upright, carefully screw the jar into the inside of the bamboo planter pot.

Step 6: Insert Flower

Find a thick stemmed flower, like a Lily or Daisy, and place it through the drilled opening. You're all done! This smart vase is a nice showcase for a flower and a fun alternative to a floral bunch.

Taking this idea a step further, maybe there's room to make a few more openings in both the bamboo pot and the jar lid to create an interesting array of flower nodes. I'd be interested to see if anyone pursues that design. Remember to share your results in the comments below.


Have you made your own single flower vase? I want to see it!

Happy making :)