IKEA Hack - Mounting KALLAX on the Wall




Introduction: IKEA Hack - Mounting KALLAX on the Wall

Our Laundry upgrade project is finally finished. Upgrades includes:

  1. Installing IKEA's ALGOT system (not hacked)
  2. Making a mounting rail using IVAR Side unite (Hacked!)
  3. Wall-mounting a KALLAX shelving unit 2x4 (Hacked!)

Step 1: Step 1: IVAR Side Unit Hacking

IKEA Hack #1 - Found this IVAR system's side leg part in As-Is section for $15. Compared to pine wood sold at Bunnings, it was a bargain.

  1. Using a flush cut saw, separated all beams and legs to individual parts
  2. Cut to the length of KALLAX.
  3. Made recesses with chisels to let them fit to KALLAX's side parts.


Step 2: Step 2: Painting Hacked IVAR Side Unit

  1. Simple painting horses were made with scrap wood pieces and some old pallet nails
  2. Prepared paint that was used to paint the wall of the house
  3. Painted the IVAR parts using a mini roller

Step 3: Step 3: Hacking KALLAX Shelving Unit

While waiting for the paint to dry, KALLAX was prepared to be mounted to the wall.

  1. Mounting holes were pre-drilled with a counter-sink bit.
  2. Plastic part was melted, so used a knife to trim it off.
  3. Tapped plastic screw sleeves into all holes so that it expands inside the material of KALLAX walls.
    1. One of the holes became too big, so I poured some hot-glue into the hole and quickly hammered in a bigger sized screw sleeve.
    2. It worked well and the sleeve did not spin around like used to do when a screw was being driven.
  4. Top mounting rail was attached to KALLAX shelves.


Step 4: Step 4:

  1. Once the paint dried, a stud finder was used to find where the screws should be used.
  2. Drilled pilot holes using a long bit. Wood chips were observed (phew!)
  3. Bottom rail that KALLAX sits on was mounted on the wall first (used 100 mm x 8-10G pine wood screws).
  4. Top rail was mounted on KALLAX instead.


Step 5: Step 5: Putting Them All Together

  1. Used some wood spacers (temporary stands) to support KALLAX with its top rail already attached, KALLAX was now fixed to the wall. 8 x 100 mm screws were used to the wall and 8 x 75 mm screws were used between KALLAX and IVAR wood pieces.
  2. Populated all the cubes with items that used to occupy spaces next to the sink
  3. Clean up the mess and it's all done!

KALLAX ended up a bit higher than the existing cupboard, but still, it was the cheapest option after looking at different types of shelves that are available on the market.


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