Introduction: INFRA-NINJA Control Your Pc With a Apple Remote

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basically this whole project spawned from the fact that I hate getting out of bed to turn off my computer whilst I be watchin netflix  (see what I did , pirate talk?)
anyways lets begin....
NOTE: project is also on github here

Step 1: Manufacture Pcb

so basically to make the pcb you'll need to be familiar with the toner transfer method to produce it, so to make your toner transfer to scale, simply open the toner transfer in inkscape to print it to size. im not going to tell you how to do a toner transfer because theirs already a gajillion and a half tutorials floating around the web. 

Step 2: Get Parts

so i got everything on amazon
just search for the following and purchase the best priced

1. bareduino
2. CP2102 USB 2.0 to TTL UART 6PIN Serial Converter For STC
3. IR Infrared Receiver (TL1838 VS1838B HX1838) OR any salvaged receiver from a infrared device 
4, usb type b jack
5. header pins
6.(OPTIONAL) 2 state led and 2 tact switches


populate your newly minted pcb as shown, note the fact you will need to desolder the usb jack and the pins off of the usb to uart to mount it on the board 

Step 4: CODE

to upload code to it is a little tricky, basically remove the jumper block and attach it to the computer then open up the code in the arduino IDE and click the upload button, watch the status bar on the arduino ide for when it says uploading, the second it does  quickly reinstall the jumper block on the board and this will set the chip into a mode where it can be programmed, once the firmware is on you can use the demo app ive included to use your apple remote as a mouse or by pressing the menu button on the remote you can use a alternate set of media keys 

Step 5: Enjoy!

let me know if you make it, yeah this instructable is super short but if your serious about making one, shoot me a email if you need better instructions 

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