Introduction: INViSiBLE

The dimension: Width 42 x Length 50 x Height 80 centimeters.

Hello, In this project, I will make the chair that stand on 2 legs and it needs to lean against the wall, hang on the top of the table, or railing. For the back support that lean to the wall, the chair have 4 spots with small rubber pads to rest to the wall, also rubber pads under the upper bars, and also the front legs as well. The body weight should make the chair stay still. The seating and the back support, I use the acrylic strips in different width the thickness is 1 centimeter. It can be use in any rooms function as the chair, side table and cool decoration as well. Let’s begin.

Supplies that you need to do INVISIBLE ’s project.

1. Steel square tube 1x1 inch

2. Welding wire and spot welding machine.

3. Arcylic strips, rubber pads, wood block, heat gun, and screw ¾ inch.

4. Spray paints (Any colors that you want).

Step 1: Cut the Metal Square Tube

Prepare to cut the steel square tube to the size length 50 centimeters 4 pieces for the seat and the back, 40 centimeters for 2 pieces for the legs, and 5 centimeters for the back support that lean to the wall. Then I need to cut the angle for the seat in order to attack to the leg and the back in order to attach to the support. I lay out on the table to figure the angle, I cut at 45 degree for all the pieces. The front of the chair, it will slope down about 4 centimeters, and leave 10 centimeter at the back to attach to the back tube. Then cut the pieces and spot welded, now I got the leg connect to the seat. After that for the back tube and support spot welded. Now I lay the pieces on the table to see the correct angle for the seat tube and the back tube. This part is important, because I need to check the 4 point of the tube that touch the wall, now mark the intersection of the seat tube and back tube. Then I trim cut off the metal of the back tube at the end, and it needs be parallel to the wall and also the leg tube need to be parallel to the floor. Next I seal spot weld the end cap and spot weld the seat tube to the back tube. Now I spray paint white to all the pieces

Step 2: Cut, Grove, and Drill Arcylic Strips

Now I cut the arcylic strips in length of 45 centimeters for the seat and 39.5 centimeters for the back. Measure from the end of both side about 2.5 centimeters and make a grove cut for 4 millimeters (when bending at both ends) cut all the pieces. Then I drill the hole, bigger then a top of the screw, so the screw will buried in the acrylic. I drill about 4 millimeters and use a small drill bit to drill all the way through. Now make a grove of the wood block the depth is 2.3 centimeters and width 1 centimeter. This wood block will help to bend acrylic strip 90 degree easier. I begin to bend the acrylic strips by using the heat gun, make sure that the acrylic stripe is soften before put into the wood block and bend. If it still hard the piece will break. Next I lay all the acrylic strips that will be use for seating, I arrange the bigger pieces in the middle, due to the weight when seating (for the spacing I use 1 centimeter for each strip). Then I pre drill the small hole for the screw to all pieces, (for the seating I use 7 strips and the back, I use 5 strips). Next I spray white paint again, let it dry.

Step 3: Assembly the Chair

Now I assembly the acrylic strips seating to the metal frame and the acrylic backing as well. It should fit perfect to the frame. Next I cut off the rubber pads and attach to all end points. Now I try it out by lean against the wall and hung at the edge of the table. It works and looks cool.


Special Thanks to: Mr. Noom

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