Introduction: IPad Photo Booth for $100 and Less

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Gather the necessary components! We are assembling the iPad Photo Booth!!!


- iPad Tripod mount, $9.99:

- Ring Light, $89 with savings coupon applied:

Step 1: The Core Mount

Attach the light angle bracket with the iPad mount. It should look like a bracket with mount sitting on top. Make sure it's nice and solid, you will be attaching light and the iPad on it.

Step 2: Attach the Ring Light

- Unscrew the nub and attach the angle bracket to the ring light. Make sure it's screwed in tide and will not slip.

- Mount the iPad onto the iPad mount!

Step 3: No Backdrop?! No Problem! Use Photo Yurt.

Once you have it running on an iPad pro. With Photo Yurt, your backdrop can be replaced digitally without any hassle!

Checkout the latest Photo Yurt 2.1 Release running on the iPad pro or iPhone!

◆ Virtual backdrop, any backdrop, anywhere

◆ Accessory with fine-grained control

◆ Screensaver for the long running session

◆ Amazing templates and ready to go

◆ Morden filters for the Morden looks

◆ Visit iTunes for complete details!!

Step 4: Recommended Professional Setup

- Neewer Ring Light Kit

- Apple iPad Pro with faceID

- Ulanzi Aluminum Pad Tripod Mount

- Any Tripod With Cold Shoe Adapter

Step 5: Printer Recommendation

- Canon Selphy Cp1300 can print directly from the iPad,

- Or any printer that's compatible with iPad or iPhone devices