IPhone Cloth Case

Introduction: IPhone Cloth Case

About: Electronics hobbyist and a DIYer and i love doing this stuff.

An iPhone case using Cloth instead of leather.A project that's cheap on budget whick cost me only P10.00 for the cloth.,+ P100 for the rubber bumper.Very easy to make.I used Rubber Bumper for added protection.,that will protect the iphone everytime i slide it into the metal clamp,.Refer to the image how i made it.,which is very light on budget,.Cloth used is a water splash resistant only.

Step 1: Mobile Clamp

Cut a flat iron sheet at least 1cm width & length varies on iphone models thickness.

Step 2: Mobile Clamp

2 pcs mobile clamp made of metal,use for attaching iphone on case.Make sure it's well sanded for smooth iphone sliding in.

Step 3:

properly align the iphone with the 2 pcs iron clamp & Glue the 2 pcs iron clamp in cardboard.

Step 4:

Make a cloth pattern for dressing the top of the cardboard

Step 5:

Finally make another pattern to dress up the inner part of the cardboard.

Step 6:

Attached a velcro tape onto strap for locking the iphone case

Step 7: Final Result

This is how it will look like when iphone is attached on cloth case.

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    8 years ago


    It's great that you have decided to share your photos with us, but we need an explanation of what you made and how you made it before it can be published. Please write up a description of your project and reply to this comment to let me know that you are done.


    Reply 8 years ago

    Thank you very much for letting me know what i missed.,as you have
    Mentioned in your comment,.i just finished adding a description of the DIY project i made, & i did added steps how to make it with the corresponding images submitted before,.Im hoping that this project help those who wanted to protect their iphones without spending too much for just a fancy case.Thank you very much,.i hope to see my project mentioned publish.