Introduction: IPhone Cloth Case

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An iPhone case using Cloth instead of leather.A project that's cheap on budget whick cost me only P10.00 for the cloth.,+ P100 for the rubber bumper.Very easy to make.I used Rubber Bumper for added protection.,that will protect the iphone everytime i slide it into the metal clamp,.Refer to the image how i made it.,which is very light on budget,.Cloth used is a water splash resistant only.

Step 1: Mobile Clamp

Cut a flat iron sheet at least 1cm width & length varies on iphone models thickness.

Step 2: Mobile Clamp

2 pcs mobile clamp made of metal,use for attaching iphone on case.Make sure it's well sanded for smooth iphone sliding in.

Step 3:

properly align the iphone with the 2 pcs iron clamp & Glue the 2 pcs iron clamp in cardboard.

Step 4:

Make a cloth pattern for dressing the top of the cardboard

Step 5:

Finally make another pattern to dress up the inner part of the cardboard.

Step 6:

Attached a velcro tape onto strap for locking the iphone case

Step 7: Final Result

This is how it will look like when iphone is attached on cloth case.