Introduction: IR Flashligt (torch) in the Budget

Here we see how to make a quick IR flashlight.

We need:

-A battery

- IR led lights. You can either use the LED from an old TV remote, or buy them on eBay or any other electronic store ( 840nm is the best range to make a flashlight:

- A button (or a light switch)

-Insulating tape.

First, we have to cut some pieces of tape. Loop one end of the led light cable to an end of the battery, and secure it with tape.

Second, connect the button to the other end, and the last end of the button to the other pole of the battery. If you press the button, you should see a small light going out of the led. Any camera sees a little bit of infrared light, since the filters do not block out all the light that comes in, so we can check if our flashlight is working very easily.

Finally, we just put everything together so there are no loose cables using tape, and we are ready to play!

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