Introduction: ISO Standard Werewolf Holiday Stocking

This also works for Xmas, the other holiday. I wanted to post this before the next full moon…

Make this traditional stocking to hang near the fireplace. It howls when is sees the light of the full moon.

It might go howling on all night so appease it with some treats.

Take heed of the details mentioned in the warning poster. Hmmm, I wonder if he knows something, maybe he is a werewolf…

And make this spiffy ISO Standard Werewolf Pack to keep your things together when going to Grandma's house or to visit the Three Little Pigs. Wait, that's just the Big Bad Wolf...

Step 1: Give It the Boot...

Time to put your foot down. You need to make something roughly in the shape of the calf bone part connected to the foot bone part.

I had some fabric left over from the backpack project so in order to not let anything go to waste...

Cut out two layers of fabric in the shape of the boot.

Remember with most sewing projects, you have to work inside out so you get nice finished seams on the outside when things are turned inside out.

With the fur trim piece on the boot, create a separate finished piece of fur and backing fabric to sew to the top opening of the boot. When working with craft fur, cut it on the back with a sharp razor knife and groom out all the loose fibers before you go on in order to minimize the mess.

I used a serger to do all this to sew, trim and bind with an edge overlock stitch in the same operation.

I had the craft fur tail already made from a previous project. It is simply a sewn tube of craft fur that tapers closed at one end. I did attach a bit of black fabric to help cover the gap as it is attached in the big stocking. There is a coin thrown in at the bottom to give it some weight to add to the illusion of a real tail swinging.

Step 2: Cuff, Cuff, Aiwoooooo....

Warm and fuzzy…

Sorry, had to clear my throat.

Attach the top cuff of the boot to da boot.

It should show the presentable side when everything is turned inside out so figure out the correct placement before you sew or else you will need to reach for the handy seam ripper tool.

Attach a piece of scrap fabric to the top of the boot to shred. Which brings me to this point. Why are people buying "distressed" clothing for a look and paying for it? Just find a werewolf somewhere...

Attach a small loop of fabric at the top opening for the hanger hook.

Step 3: Maybe Silver Wires...but, But...

Most projects I do are derivative or inspired from the last. I had an Adafruit Circuit Playground Express already wired up with a strip of Neopixels. For this, I just needed to add a servo which will make the tail move.

Using the onboard light sensor of the Adafruit Circuit Playground to sense the changing light levels, I can set it to it determine when the full moon is at its peak. Sorry, cloudy days might be tough to do.

It also has some audio capability so I can play a short sound clip of a werewolf howling.

It is programmed with Circuit Python and the code is here:

You will have to hunt down your own werewolf howling sound clip to use. I used Audacity to resave my sound clip down to a lower bit rate in order to get the .wav file small enough to fit in the board's limited memory space in addition to clearing out some unused library files.

I made a simple cardboard mount for the servo. Oh, that extra white wire on the servo is for position sensing and not used here. I taped it down so it would not get in the way when used.

I also made a paper and fiberfill batting diffuser for the set of eyes. It will diffuse the Neopixels in the shape of a pair of eyes to give it that menacing werewolf look.

You can wrap the Neopixel strip with a bit more fiberfill to further diffuse the sparkles in the stocking.

Stuff everything in the stocking and secure with tape.

Now go make one of your own.


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