Introduction: Ian Magee Project Steps

ian magee projet


steps 1 and 2

Step 1:

1.finding a background *I pictured a wight water rafting sean. A wide shot is recommended

Step 2:

2 to make the water more vibrant click the half serkal to drop down the brightness and turn it up

Step 3:

3: to add an extra cartier, ferst find the imig (in this case the cow) and place it in the water. Once dune rotates it to make it look more natrole.

Step 4:

4: Well your picture is in front of the water. Collect the object than Click the camera looking button on the separate the picture from the background.

Step 5:

5: use the pant brunch on the background to add or take away the front and blend your cartier

Step 6:

6. Next let's place a finish line if you need to rotate it click edit and rotate it 90%

Step 7:

7 to add some fun eyes to the cow click the front layer of him and use the brush tool

Step 8:

8 now we can add a fish and change his collar. For this step use steps (4 and 5) to place him in thar.

Step 9:

9. To change the color click the property tab and change the coller

Step 10:

10. Add a crowd to spectate. Try the hase tool to better blend it. And that's it.

ian magee project steps