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Hi All,

In this instructable I will show how to make a new, modern and completely unique puzzle. The Japanese have made these kind of puzzles where the pieces are unique and random shapes but they have to fit in a rectangle. This puzzle has 9 pieces and took me 2 hours just to draw out the schematics. I am guessing it would take more time to solve it in real life but puzzles have no specific shape so that is why it is much harder.

The ice part in the name refers to the white pieces of the puzzle and the 9 refers to the 9 pieces in the puzzle.

I am drawing out and scanning the schematics and blueprints of the project. You can print it out and glue it on the cardboard. Its saves you guys a lot of time and helps you from not getting the measurements wrong.

Link for the template/plans:

This would be a good thing to make with your kids or gift to people who absolutely love mind games and puzzles. I made this puzzle very difficult to solve and I hope some of you will make this as its simple enough to make.

As always, I made this project with cardboard but you can make this with any material you want like wood, plywood, etc. Before using any other materials to make the project, cross check with the measurements and change the measurements if required.

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  • Cardboard/Any Other Material (Preferably of width 0.6 cm)
  • Box Knife/X-Acto Knife
  • Liquid Glue & Hot Glue
  • Printer (Optional)Paint (2 different colors)
  • Pencil/Pen & Scale
  • Paint/Paper(2 different colors)

Step 1: Printing Out the Pieces

The first sketch/plan is the drawing of the base/box of the puzzle and the second plan/plan shows the pieces of the puzzle.

You can print out these plans by clicking on the link below:

Step 2: Making the Base of the Puzzle

1. Print out the plan for the base pieces. Click on the link for the plans below:

2.Cut out the base pieces from the plan (Picture 1)

3.Tape/Glue out the numbers on the cardboard such that it can be peeled off easily.

4.Cut out the pieces of cardboard using the templates (Picture 2)

5.Glue paper to the pieces or paint the pieces (Picture 3)

6.Glue the pieces together as shown in picture 4 and 5.

You have finished making the base of the puzzle.

Step 3: Making the Pieces of the Puzzle

1.Print out the plan for the number pieces. Click on the link for the plans below:

2.Cut out the number pieces from the plan.(Picture 2)

3.Tape/Glue out the numbers on the cardboard such that it can be peeled off easily.

4.Cut out the pieces on the cardboard. (picture 3)

5.Glue white paper or paint the pieces of cardboard. ( I used masking tape)

6.Check out if the puzzle pieces fit inside puzzle base.

You are done making the ICE 9 Puzzle!

Step 4: Final Notes

I made a youtube video on how to solve the puzzle. It pretty easy to follow and you understand how to solve the puzzle by just looking at the picture in the intro.

Thank You for viewing my instructable.

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Any kind of advice is appreciated. I think it's better to learn and make myself better in making stuff. P.S. Constructive Criticism is very much appreciated.

In the future I hope to make my project in other material such as wood but I don't have the materials required to make do it.

Also as I said in the intro, I am entering this project into the Instructables Puzzles Contest. Click here to vote.

Thank You

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