Introduction: Ice Cream Cone

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My friend and I created this costume for my kid, and laughed so hard when we put it on. I hope you enjoy!

Items needed:

  • Off-white fleece (ice cream color)
  • Tan fabric (the cone)
  • Red fabric piece, small styrofoam ball, & a brown pipe cleaner (cherry)
  • 12" styrofoam wreath
  • Fiberfill
  • Glue gun

Fits ages 1-3 years. Intermediate sewing skills.

Step 1: The Body

  1. Cut 1 piece of fabric 22"x24" tall. Fold in half to measure 22"x12" tall.
  2. Cut slits for the neck arm pieces. My neck is about an 8" cut, and the arms 3 1/2" cut down.
  3. Right sides together, sew the sides up to the arm cut. Make a small casing for the neck, arms, and bottom of the body so you can sinch in the finished body. Thread a tie (made with a long skinny strip of fleece) through the neck and bottom of the body. Add elastic to the arms instead of a tie.
  4. Shape fiberfill into two tubes, and use batting to hold it tougher. Add the tubes inside to the front and back of the costume.

Step 2: The Cone

    1. Cover a 12" styrofoam wreath with 14" wide strip of tan fabric. Pleat around the wreath and attach with glue gun.
    2. Cut (4) 2"x20" strips of material to use as overalls. Attach two strips close together on each side of the cone with a hot glue gun.

    Cone Texture

    1. Cut two rectangle pieces of tan fabric to measure about 15"(W) by 18"(L). The length can be longer or shorter, but keep in mind the 2 inches you'll use for creating the cone texture seams.
    2. To make the cone texture, put right sides together and sew along one 15" side. Lay out your piece right side up. 3" over from your seam, fold your material and sew 1/4" from the edge, sewing all the way from the top to the bottom. I did the cone texture after attaching the material to the wreath, so my 1/4" texture stops a few inches from the top. Skip a few inches, and repeat. Continue to fold and sew all over length wise, then do the same all over width wise to make a grid/cone texture. After the cone texture if finished, put right sides together and sew alone the other 15" side. Turn right side out and attach to the bottom of the wreath with hot glue. Take in if needed.

    Step 3: The Hat

    To make the oversized hat, cut two beanie patterns. This makes it so you can put fiberfill between the two beanies to make it big:

      1. Cut 2 pieces of material 22"x12". Right sides together, sew along the 22" side. Fold in half to measure 11"x12". Sew along the 12" side.
      2. Add fiberfill between the two beanies. Fit the hat on your child. Take in the side if needed, and tie the excess fabric on top with a strip of material.
      3. Turn the hat inside out and mark where you'd like the ear tabs. Attach your ear tabs with hot glue, or hand sew them on.

        Create a cherry with red material, a brown pipe cleaner and a craft ball. Glue on top of the hat with a hot glue gun.

        To wear, put the cone on first and tie the straps on top of the shoulders. Add the body, sinch the ties, and then finally put on the hat.

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