Introduction: Idiots Guide to Making a Yugioh Deck

this guide will show you how to build a yugioh deck to play with. also this is my first instructable so i hope you like it. this instructable is based on you knowing how to play and the different parts of a card.

Step 1: Pick a Monster Atribute

first we need to pick a monster atribute you want to base your deck around. the atribbutes are dark, light, fire, wind, water,and earth. there is also divine but not many cards have that attribute.

Step 2: Optional: Type Centered Deck

this is an optional step. if you do this one you can ignore the step 1. a type centered deck is bvased on card that all have the same type such as a zombie deck or a pyro deck. if you do this step it will be alot harder to build your deck to work well but if it does it is usually realy realy powerfull. also there are subtype based decks. these arn't always as powerful but they halarious to play cause they can really tick of your opponent. one that is really powerful is the gemini deck or a deck centered around lightsworn or gladiator beasts. they are realy powerful. My favorite type centered deck is the toon monster deck because of its fast attacking. The gemini monster picture isn't a real gemini monster.

Step 3: Balance It

A good deck is always baalanced. My ratio is usually 20 monsters to 20 spell and traps although you can move to morte of one card or the other slightly but do not stray very far from this number or your deck will bew unbalanced.

Step 4: Start Playing

once youve built your deck you can strt playing!