Introduction: Ikea Bookshelf Upgrade

So I have Ikea bookshelves all over my house. But I'm tired of seeing the standard grey background. It just doesn't seem to have any life to it. Then I found a sample of these foam frames that are easy to replace but look so unique. Now that I've done one bookshelf I've decided to do every single one in a my house. That's a lot.....

Step 1: Supplies

- Foam Board

- Fabric

- Straight Edge

- Craft Knife

- Packing Tape

- Measuring Tape

- Pencil


I'm using foam board. I like it a lot actually. I debated whether to use a poster board, similar to cardstock. I decided it wouldn't stand up and I'm so glad I did. That being said, foam board can get expensive. So I think you could also use cardboard, from boxes found lying around.

My fabric came from the clearance section at my local store. For my Ikea Billy Bookshelf I bought 3 yards, but I probably only needed 2.

Step 2: Measure and Cut

First - measure your bookshelf opening. Measure each shelf individually! They are all different.

Next - measure and mark your foam board. Mark your foam board 1/16" from your actual measurement. This is to allow some wiggle room to slide the board in place.

Then - using a craft knife, cut the foam board to size.

Step 3: Attach Fabric

First - Place the foam board onto the fabric.

Next - Cut the fabric out. I left 3/4" of an inch around the edge. This made the next step so much easier.

Then - pull the fabric over the edge of the foam board and tape in place.

I'm using tape for multiple reasons. It reasonably holds the fabric in place. But it is also very easy to remove. So if I ever get bored of the pattern I can change it easily. This would be great if I wanted to theme it around a holiday.

Big Note - If you are using a pattern that is directional. Ensure that you take care when attaching the fabric to the foam board so it is all perpendicular. Otherwise when you put it into the bookshelf it will look slanted.

Step 4: Install

Next, take you fabric covered foam board and slide it into the shelf. It may be a tight fit.

Step back and enjoy! I did my entire bookshelf in this. Looking back - maybe I should have done a different fabric. It is all my Star Wars books....but oh well. I happen to love this pattern.