Introduction: Ikea Hack Work Station

Hay everyone :)

When all this COVID 19 began, I build a new desktop from Ikea small furniture (that fast solution called "Kombina" in Hebrew :P). sadly, the Corna is here to stay, so the "Kombina desktop" isn't answering my needs, so I sketch an update, and change it from a small unconfinable desktop, to a normal work station.


things we will need:

  1. screwdriver
  2. screws
  3. wood glue or any other that works for you.
  4. 3D printer, or not :P

Step 1: ​First Step: Measures and Parts.

If you saw my other projects you notice I decided to use "trash" pieces. Anyway- there's a need for a leg and a bigger flat.

Flat: This time, I went to Ikea "finding spot" (which is the "trash" of Ikea, so I'm still good), and got a closet door (120*60 cm).

Leg: I had logs already in my home, so I just took one of them.

Step 2: Second Step: Polishing and Cutting.

In my case, the flat was good already, yet I needed to polish the timber.

Next, I needed to figure a way to connect the leg and the flat. I chose to print that piece (and the cover of the leg bottom).

If you don't have a 3D printer you can always get those parts in any DIY store.

link to the model

Cut it right!
Because we want a straight desk we need to consider the thickness of the printed pieces (the leg cover and the adjustment part between the leg and the flat.

So when we cut the wood we want it to be equal to the high of the furniture that we use, so we also need to minus the thickness of the printed parts.

Step 3: Last Step

  1. Found the center of one side of the flat.
  2. Set the adjustment part there and point the places to drill.
  3. Drill and attach the adjustment part (I dd it also with glue). Attach the leg.
  4. Place the leg cover.
  5. Set it on the furniture and attach it with screws (I did that from the bottom, this way the screw can't be seen).
  6. Abbiamo finito ;)