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So I really wanted to make this project before I uploaded it to here, but unfortunately I can’t get all the equipments I need during the covid 19. So the idea is to have a hole garden in your living room. Also sorry once again- I wasn’t able to do that before the deadline of the contest, but I will upload a part two for that, there I explain how to use it even without sunlight.

Let’s start then…


PVC pipe

PVC Y connect part



Planks (wood)

Step 1: Legs

The first step- is the legs, we do want it to be stable because... well we want it good, so make sure the legs are strong.

Honestly I planned to buy a metal leg and just plug them into the board (added a photo, and here is something I saw from Ikea).

you can use any kind of strong material for that any time is not too sensitive to humidity (MDF I don't think is good for that).

If you connect a few planks- I think it is the best, unless you want a smooth look and in that case use a board from a store (you can use MDF with the right protection). About the size of the board, it's up to you because you can make a few "trees" on one table, use it as a coffee table, etc.

Tip- use legs that the screws are hidden in them or assembled from the bottom.

Step 2: Base

Use a PVC end plug (I forgot to add in the sketch), here is a link for few I saw on the internet: 1, 2, 3 (obviously you can find it in a store near to your home). The only thing that important is that the had of the plug will be smooth.

With a screw we will connect the plug to the board. Using one screw or two screws; is up to the function that you want to give the "tree". If you want the ability to spin it use one, either way use two or more because it's safer.

Step 3: PVC Assemble

Start from the bottom to the top.

The way we do it is using a pipe, grid (not have to), and the Y plug. Between one Y plug to another we don't need to see anything!

If you using a grid after any level you do put the soil in (not all the way), and then continuo

use the video here to understand:

Step 4: Done

Done, now just put your plants, I recommend using herbs (rosemary, mint, basil, etc.) than really vegetables.

If you did it- please show me, because it seems like is going to take time until I can do it by myself.

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