Introduction: IKEA Hack: Bookcase to Desk

A super fast and easy temporary solution for the "work from home" situation that the COVID 19 gets us...
Now my idea here wasnàt create a good looking, or super great workstation but to create something that after those crazy days I can forget I have to used :)

So with a pray that those ****** days will over- let's start.



Few planks
jigsaw and an screwdriver-driller

Step 1: The Only Step

So actually that step is all you need (this is the only one I did), in the next step I just show a few possible upgrading for make it better :)

Just put the planks in a raw (I used a 9*90*2 cm, four pieces work for me :) ).

use the jigsaw to cut two pieces that long as the amount of the all planks together (in my case: 9*4= 36)- use them perpendicular to the long planks and connect them to the short cutting planks so they all become a one piece.

Now used another cutting plank and that time the position needs to be the width of the bookcase+ half centimeter or less.

Actually it's all you need one thing though you want to put the heave thing on your desk on the area that laying on the bookcase (other way, when you put your hand there it will fall), unless it's not a temporary and then just drill a screw to connect them together..

Step 2: Upgrading

The idea is to use something that make the hack more statable, and yet temporary

Option 1:

Use a log piece of whatever you want and connect it to the board we made so the bookcase top will be between the board and the whatever you used ;P

Option 2:

Use a hook (I may upload a model in my Myminifactory page- tell me if you think it is necessary). on each side of the board (actually one side and center).

And used a hard rubber strap, then the bookcase will be between the board and the strap.

First option is better- but a little longer to build and disassemble later.