Introduction: Illogic Bow

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Well here are more pictures of my illogic bow, I have included a picture of the trigger, so you should be able to make it. I probably will end up posting it, but that will not be for a while as my camera cable is still missing and I have other stuff on at the moment.

New Features

Turret & Grip
As you can see I have added the 18 shot turret and the TR grip. the turret was made by Bakenbitz, and the grip (not frip) by KILLERK, so cheers to you guys. The turret connection is basicly the same as the TR so you should have no trouble figuring that out.

Annother addition is the sight, the grey connetor can be moved up and down on the rods (thats what she said) to take differing distances into account. To use the sight simply line the top of the orange part up with the top of the grey connector, the higher the grey connector is the greater the angle and therefore the greater the distance you are aiming at. I will not give any scale as preformance will differ between guns, however if you are using the gun in a war like pandemonium you may want to replace the blue rods with white rods and have the grey connector right at the top. this will give you an accurate sight for about 5-10 metres, roughly the distance that most combat takes place.

Other features
A feature of the gun that I am quite proud of is the fact that it should be compatible with any TR or NAR front end. If you want to use it with a TR or NAR body however you will need to replace the green connectors on the pin with red connectors to allow it to pass the pin guide connection.