Introduction: Illuminated Christmas Gift Box - Outside Decoration

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This christmas decoration is ideal for put outside at night and turn its lights on, i personally really enjoyed making this project and it's really easy so you can make it at your home.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

1. 20 gauge soft wire

2. masking tape (you can use duck tape instead)

3. anti fluid fabric (you can use any other fabric)

4. christmas fabric tape (i'm not sure it's call like that but it's not adhesive)

5. plier

6. scissors

7. hot glue

8. christmas lights

Step 2: Making the Cube

i made 3 differents gift boxes 30x30x30, 40x40x40 and 60x30x30cm. i'm gonna explain how to make the first one but off course its the same for any size. first make 4 squares of 30x30cm leaving at least 2cm at its ends for taping together as shown on the photos.

Then make a cube taping the 4 squares from its sides, make sure you tight the tape and use it in the top and botton conection. now make cut 8 pieces of 30cms long leaving about 2cm at its ends and bend it 90 degrees but in different direction and tape them forming a cross on every of the 4 sides of the cube, these give it rigidity.

Now cut 3 pieces of 30cm and make a hook, this are the internal conections of the cubes, just attatch it to the middle of its 3 axes and the cube it's done. (see the pictures for understanding and ask me anything)

Step 3: Decoration

Take your christmas lights and entagle them into the cube and make sure its proportionally distribute.

Now we need to put the fabric on. my mom sewed it but you can just cut each square and glue them into the cube. Last make the gift bow with the tape and decorate it as you want.

Hope you like this project, you can ask me anything about it. :)

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