Introduction: Improvement of Wheelbarrows

Everyone who used the wheelbarrow knew that heavy loads was a hard work.

Here is a very easy way to make things easier.

Step 1:


1.1. Profile 20 x 40 mm, length 500 mm - the rest of the casing housing sofa

1.2.The rear wheels of the discarded childrens wheel

1.2.PVC profile cover

Step 2:


2.1. Remove the rear wheels from the chassis

Step 3:

2.2.Profile 20 x 40 mm, cut with an angle cutter on the length 500 mm

2.3. Grinding sharp edges

Step 4:

2.4.Firstly, the profile is welded to the wheelbarrow

2.5. Wear the wheel holder for the profile

2.6. Welded parts grinding

Step 5:

2.7. We add color all the added parts

2.8. Close the profile with PVC covers

Step 6:


I tested the wheelbarrow fully loaded.

The delivery of fertilizer was very light.

And the little garden is tidy.

Step 7: