Introduction: Improvised Christmas Tree

Christmas trees are great, I remember each Christmas as a kid decorating the tree with my family ohh boy what a joy it was. One if not the best tradition there is!

But what do you do if it isn’t possible to bring in real tree or you remembered too late and buying a tree wasn’t an option? Well I think that I found the solution, follow along my steps.

Step 1: Tools and Supplies Needed:


Duct tape

Plywood rectangle

Plier+ cutter plier

Curling ribbon


Electric drill

Wood drill bit

Wooden skewers

White stickers


Small plastic bags

Green acrylic paint


Glitter foam sheets

Wood glue

"Cream" colored acrylic paint

Construction paper

Gold spray paint

Small bells

Silver beads

Fishing string

Foam balls



Hot glue gun+ sticks

All-purpose glue

String lights


Step 2: The Tree's Structure

The base is constructed from an old broom.

First, you have to pull the fibers out of the lower part of the broom.

If you're lucky and you had a broom with flat lower part so that the base will be able to stably stand.

In order to increase stability the base will be taped to a wider base made out of plywood (which we will cover when we desplay our tree).

Step 3: Holes for the Branches

In order to add branches to the tree, we drilled holes in a uniform pattern along the broom.

In order to keep track on the pattern a curling ribbon was wrapped in a-spiral way and the holes were drilled along the ribbon.

Step 4: Preparing the Branches

The branches were made out of wood skewers.

In order to get a real christmas look for the tree the skewers were cut into several different lengths, as described in the picture above.

Divide the skewers into small groups (around 5 skewers).

Leave the first group at the original length of the skewers.

Cut the skewers in the second group about 0.5cm shorter, repeat with the rest of your grouped skewers.

Step 5: Preparing the Branches


the skewers, group by group, in green acrylic paint.

Step 6: What About Some Leafs

The leafs were made from glitter foam sheets in different colors.

Cut narrow rectangles in a suitable size from the different glitter foam sheets.

Pull them through the green colored skewers (our branches).

Step 7: Tree Assembling

Now use wood glue to secure the branches on the main structure.

Put some glue on the tip of each branch and insert it to the suitable hole on the base of the tree.

The higher you are at on the tree, the shorter the branch should be.

Step 8: Cosmetic Fixes

The holes that were not used were sealed using acrylic white color.

Step 9: Decorations

So you are done with the tree!

Now, we need to fill it up with some homemade decorations my kids and I made.

It's a great activity to do with your family.

Make any topper for yout tree.

We used construction paper to create an origami star. Which we spray painted in gold.

Step 10: Decorations

Use beads, bells, buttons or any other creative idea, tie them to one long piece of clear string, or many small pieces of string.

Step 11: Decorations

Use different sized foam balls. Glue confetti and sequins to them, or paint them.

Don’t forget to glue a round string so you can hang it on your tree.

Step 12: Decorating

Once you finish making all your decorations, and you let them completely dry, it's time to actually decorate.

Add some string lights, garlands, and all the beautiful decorations your family made.

Step 13:

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