Introduction: Improvised Dust Blower

 This is my first instructable :D, English is not my natural language, so i'll try to do my best to write every thing correctly.

I think everyone that has opened a computer has seen lots of dust covering all the boards specialy in old desktops, I usually use a air compressor to blow all dust away, but it got broken down so I had to improvise something.

The use of a vacuum cleaner is not a good idea because it can suck components, especialy those tiny jumpers, resulting in hours trying to find out what is happening.

The idea came from an old vacuum cleaner motor that was lying around, and basicaly is just that!
try to fit it inside something so it could suck air and blow it trough a hole or tube.

Step 1: The Body

While looking for the wires, and trying to think in something that could be turned into the body of a dust blower, I crossed with the usual sunday suggestion from my wife "Get the garbage out!!!"

while throwing it all in the reciclage containers I took a look into a liquid soap container... ahah! this could do the thing!

and It has a handle too :D and a nozzle

Step 2: Assembly

I think it is simple and every one has already imagine it all assemblied, so here goes the images.

Cut the bottom of the container.

Do the wires, dont forget earth wire.

Fit it inside, the blowing side to the upper part.

get a cover with holes for the bottom

make a hole in the top cover

and "voilá"

This was made in less than an hour, it did what it was supposed to do but i didn't used it more because the air compressor was fixed.
It is stored for future use, and some future improvements maybe.