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I think we are all guilty of driving while using a cell phone and as everyone’s concern is saving face (all due respect to law enforcement).  I'm guilty of using my phone while driving and only do so when it's safe.

I've been using my phone in the car for over 20 years this doesn't make it right and is obviously a bad habit.   Verizon wasn't even born yet, GTE was charging 90 cents a minute and the handset was a part of the vehicle.  The laws have forced me to break this habit, raised my awareness and inspired me with the ideas to design a safer way of using a cell phone while driving a vehicle.  

The attention needed to operate a phone is far more than just dialing out or reading a text, all of these small contributing factors play a big part to the overall distraction.  And today’s smart phones and their complex functions create even more of a distraction. Any phone mounted to the dash or placed down on the center console is not the solution. The phone can't be answered, dialed or turned off without distracting the driver.  The latest, hands free, interactive technology is much safer; unfortunately it is NOT in the majority of vehicles on the road today and it will still be a quite a few years before it is.  The after-market hands free devices and gadgets have the right idea but fail to perform; only compounding the problem! This is not an easy habit to break. The bottom line is people will continue to use their phones while they are driving.

When the difference of life or death comes down to a split second, every bit of improvement counts! The idea behind this design is similar to the concept of Heads Up Display, which reduces the time the driver takes their eyes off the road. If the "In Your Face Long Arm Cell Phone Saving Face Mount" is implemented correctly it will raise everyone’s awareness to “saving face” by focusing their attention on the road and driving safely.

I continue to use my cell phone while driving, I have found this to be a much safer way to break the law.

This INSTRUCTABLE costs less than $20.00.
The universal phone mount I ordered online and all of the hardware is from a thrift store, 
I think it should be fairly easily to find everything needed at a salvage yard, hardware store, garage sale, thrift store, or even new online and still for less than $20.00   


#1. Universal Cell Phone Mount / Squeeze & Push Button Quick Release, Racketing Swivel  (New Online $6.00)

20" inch Flexible Shaft and Hardware (Thrift Store Lamp $3.00)
      3" inch "L" Bracket (Hardware store $3.00)

#2. Velcro Mount
     11/2 inch 1/4X20 Threaded or Counter Cap Bolt
      Large Flat Washer
      Velcro with Adhesive backing

Optional Ideas:
     No Drill with Foam Tape
I wrapped foam around the "L" bracket twice to get a nice tight fit between the center console and floor.
     It's easily installed and removed in seconds, for use in other vehicles or mounted in a different location or devices.

     Heat Shrink Tube 3/4"x18" inch Cover Flex-Shaft heat shrink, additional support, looks clean, doesn't restrict the flexibility

  1" inch Rubber Grommet
     Use a thick 1" grommet with 1/2" hole at the base of the Flex Shaft / "L" Bracket. This keeps tension between the outside of the console and the “L” Bracket. A short section of hose would work, it needs to fit tight to both shaft and the console.
     It will prevent the bracket from wobbling loose.

     Universal Cell Phone Cradle
     I really like the swivel design on the phone mount pictured.  It works great and allows you to view the screen in landscape or portrait mode, ratchet-style design adjusts quickly and can be locked into a position, if desired.

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