Introduction: Incandecent Light Bulb Stand.

Do you have a lot of free time?Do you have a hollowed out light bulb or two?Do you have a lot of fancy power tools that you desperately want to use? Do you like wood? Well this instructable might just be for you. I'll explain how to make a simple, and decorative light bulb stand. If you need to know how to hollow out a lightbulb, look at this site:

Step 1: Getting the Materials

First you need the materials.Naturally, this being my first instructable, I forgot to put a few things in the first picture. But do not yet lose hope! I listed them id separate pictures.

Here's a complete list:

1 Hollowed out incandecent light bulb
1 can of paint
1 cloths hanger wire
1 ruler with with cm or inch
1 dremel drill
1 large piece of quarter inch plywood
1 piece of 40 grit sandpaper
1 pencil
1 saw
1 permanent marker
2 nails
2 screws with washers
1 screwdriver
1 pair of goggles

Step 2: Mark and Cut.

Before you start to do anything, I must warn you to wear eye protection. You can buy a prosthetic finger on E-bay, but you can't replace an eye.

First start by measuring the size of the wood. Then you need to mark with a pencil two pieces. The firs piece or piece A should measure 8 cm by 8 cm ( or 3" by 3"). And then mark the size of the piece B, 14 cm by 8 cm ( 6" by 3").You can use the permanent marker if you wish if the pencil doesn't leave a good enough mark. As you can see, piece A looks like a square, and piece B looks like a rectangle. It is crucial that both pieces have the EXACT SAME WIDTH. Anyway, this is a good time to mention that you're probably going to need a clamp; but, most people don't have one, so you can just hold the wood with your hand. Next, take a saw, pretend you're in Saw III, and start cutting the wood pieces (good luck!!!).

Step 3: Sand, Mark and Drill.

Now we have two ugly, splintered pieces of wood. You could probably just skip to step 4 and avoid all this "make it look acceptable" work, but you might be disappointed..
Now then, take the sandpaper and sand them until they are almost perfectly smooth. I recommend 40 grit. Next mark the pieces with the permanent as sown in the pictures. I used something round,like a light bulb socket I had from a shattered light bulb, but you can use a bottle cap. The Swiss cheese look really serves no purpose, so you can cut it in any artistic way you like. But be sure to make the hole in the center of the piece A to serve as a place to put the light bulb.

To make the cuts start by clamping piece A in the clamp. Next, drill a series of holes on the permanent marker markings. They should be just a few millimeter apart. This is where is gets tricky and kind of dangerous. Use the drill like a saw and force it from one hole to the other. Remember to keep the drill bit perfectly perpendicular to the wood. Use a large and strong drill bit and watch out for smoke and hot embers. You probably have a better idea how to do this so post it in the comments and I'll put it in here! I got a little creative.

Step 4: The Sands of Time!

Get out a piece of sand paper and meticulously sand the grooves for 2 hours, or just use the sandpaper bit on your Dremel. Watch out, if the sandpaper bits overheat, they will unwind rapidly and fly through the air!

Step 5: More Drilling, Wire Time and Nail Time.

Now, drill a hole in piece B ind stick some coat hanger wire thought there. Bend about 2 inches of it and the rest bend it into a fish hook shape. Shorten the straight wire if necessary.
Next put the two screws on opposite sides of the straight wire, making sure the wire can't budge. Next, place two nails in the bottom corners of piece B and reorient the pieces so that the nails will go through piece B into piece A as shown in the picture.

Step 6: Idiot Time!

Well, being on idiot, I forgot to take shirtless pictures of myself painting the thing and post them on Myspace. I might as well instruct you on how to properly paint it. I hope you remembered to sand the pieces smooth or this will just turn into a mess. Start by choosing a good wood paint; I choose orange because it was the only color on hand. Hold the can 8 inches above the wood and apply a thin layer of paint. You might of messed this up, but you can just sand the paint smooth and try again. Apply about 3 layers of paint or how much paint is sufficient to cover the stand. When you're done painting, and it's completely dry, place the light bulb in there and you're finished! Congratulations! Post your comments and make some suggestions.