Introduction: IncenseBurn

Whether it is for celebration or prayer, incense burners are beautiful accessories to have at home. Usually made of wood in order to house the burning incense sticks safely and eventually, the wood absorbs the smell of the incense.

Introducing IncenseBurn, your DIY incense burner box that would fit all the common incense sticks sizes.

Originally, IncenseBurn came in one design, which was based on geometric patterns that were widely used in Islamic architecture. For the next step, I decided to create the tool that would allow users to either pick from already set designs to send straight to the laser cutting machine, or they also have the option of downloading the pattern builder file and following the detailed steps, they will be able to create their own custom design, learn how to prepare the file and send it to the laser cutting machine.

Step 1: Option 1 - Download One of Our Ready Designs!

You have the option of downloading one of four ready designs by selecting the relevant SVG file to download it.

The file is ready for laser cutting machine, so just download and follow the instructions!

As an alternative, you can also download the Illustrator Pattern Editor file, which will allow you to edit those designs!

Step 2: Option 2 - Create Your Own Using Our Pattern Builder Tool

The pattern builder is an Adobe Illustrator file with detailed instructions on how to create your own patterns and prepare them for a laser cutting machine. Follow the steps in order to create your pattern!

First, you choose a geometric shape and using the grid, duplicate the shape as many times and in any direction or orientation in order to get a pattern you like.

Step 3: Option 2 - Create Your Own Using Our Pattern Builder Tool

Next, you choose a window style for the top side of the box. Using this tool will allow you to choose a specific style for the top side of the box.

Step 4: Option 2 - Create Your Own Using Our Pattern Builder Tool

Download the Pattern Builder and build away!