Introduction: Indian Traditional Art (MANDALA) Book Cover

India is a land rich with culture and various art form which have been passed over the years from generation to generation. Carrying the same forward, I would like share with all of you a glimpse of our traditional art which is easy to make and looks fantabulous. So let's get started.....

Step 1: Materials Required

To make this, you would need :

1. 3D Art Cones (Which you could find on any stationary shop)

2. A sheet of any colour ( I used a black sheet)

3. A pair of scissors

4. Tape

5. Ruler

Step 2: Getting the Measurements

Chose the book you want to cover, and then take the measurements of its sides.It is suggested to leave a space of 0.5 cm between each side so that the cover could be opened and closed easily. I also extended the paper 2.5 cm on both the edges to fold it inside.

Step 3: Preparing a Rough Sketch

Before I started making the final print on the cover, I made a rough sketch of the patterns I would draw on the cover. This helped in preventing the final drawing from messing up.

Step 4: Final Step

I copied the final designs on my cover using a variety of colors. And you can fill the remaining portion with colorful circles from cones.

(P.S. The cones might not work fine in the beginning so I advice to first use them to draw lines on a sheet of paper)

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