Introduction: Indoor Cat Shelter With Water and Food

Sometimes your cat might just want a special place to himself. You might just buy a tent but they can be expensive and they are just a just a tent. This is a cat tent with a food bowl and a water bowl, and you can make with a cheap price. Your cat will love it! The pint of making this project is that I just got a new cat and was looking for cat towers online, they were expensive! I started to look online for diy versions, but they used bamboo garden hoops, which I do not have. That’s when I found a video by 5-Minute Crafts, they had used a cardboard box, I thought that it would be perfect! I thought it look looked bland just being square so I made mine look like a house. The second problem was that it didn’t have a food and water holder, which most cat shelter had, so I added one and, BOOM! I had creative cat house!


Shoe Box
Masking Tape
Food and Water Bowls
Medium T-Short
Safety Pins

Step 1:

For the first step you will need to cut the flaps of of the lid.

(NOTE: My box had 3 Flaps, you really only need two.

Step 2:

Cut off about one third of the lid as shown in the picture. The larger part will build up the front of the box.

Step 3:

For this step add the larger part of the lid to the opening on the box. You will need to attach it diagonally as shown in the picture.

Step 4:

Attach flaps of lid to the cardboard you put on in the last step. As shown in the picture

Step 5:

Put the box inside the T-Shirt, Making sure the neck is in the opening so your cat can get through.

Step 6:

Add safety pins to everywhere shown in picture.

Top of shirt neck

I did this because I am not good at sowing. I realized that safety pins were a lot easier to use!

Step 7:

Add platform for food and water to the back as shown in the picture.

This adds the food and water holder the original design was missing:)

Step 8:

Add cardboard strips to platform for support.

Step 9:

Put the bowls on. If not secure use Velcro or tape.

Step 10:

Put tape from bottom of the platform to the top of the box to make it more secure.

Step 11: Done!

Now let you cat into their comfy abode!

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