Introduction: Indoor Water Fountain - Easy, Beautiful

In this project, I am going to show you how to do this beautiful indoor water feature. It's super easy to make, costed me around 800 Indian rupees or roughly $12. It takes only 30 mins once you have everything ready.

you can also view the detailed video here.

Step 1: Lets See What Is Needed..

A. Submersible pump - you can get these in many hardware shops

B. A big pot- that can act as a reservoir for water; you can get these from roadside potters; this one came with a hole- the potter just took 5 mins to fill it up

C. A plastic lid to cover the big pot - this is a normal pot plate..just find one that fits.. You will need to make small holes in it.. I will explain later how to do it

D. a small pot - find a matching one.. This should be small so that water doesn't spill out. It should have a hole. Again ask your potter to make one, if it doesn't have one

F. A water pipe

e. Some decorative stones or pebbles

Step 2: How to Assemble.. Step 1, 2

1: fit the water pipe to the nozzle of the pump

2. Place it inside the pot; fill it with water; ensure the pump is fully submerged and more...You can always adjust the water flow later

Step 3:

3. Make holes in the lid - 1 hole that's just big enough for the pipe and several small holes. Water flows back into the big pot from these holes. To make these holes, use a scissor to make a small hole first and then apply pressure to make it bigger.. Its simple

4. Ensure the lid fits snugly fits. pull the water pipe through it.

Step 4:

5. Then place the small pot on top of the lid and pull the pipe through the hole.. In case your pot doesn't have a hole, you can use the same scissor technique to make one.

6. Put a simple water filter inside the small pot to regulate the water flow to spread out.

7. Now its time test your water flow. Plug the pump and switch on.

8. The speed of the water, depends on your water level in this big pot and power of your pump; i used this simple cheap water filter to control the flow; you can also buy a fountain head to achieve special effects

9. If you see water spilling out, remove some water, alternately if you want to increase the flow, add some - you will figure out the right level in a few tries

Step 5:

9. Now add the decorative stones and the beautiful fountain is ready!