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Hi guys !

Few weeks ago I've been at the Guns n' Roses show of the Not in this lifetime tour at the Stade de France in Paris. The 3h30' of show was really awesome, I have shiwer just thinking about it ! Hell Yeah !!!

In European show you have to buy Ecocup to drink, it's a plastic (homopolymer polypropylene) glass reusable. You can make your own ecocup and buy it on this web site. These glasses are environmentally friendly, very hard to break and easy to wash.

Using those allows you to reduce waste. It's a good point for the planet ! I love the cup I bought at the show and I tried to make a led lamp with it. With these instructions you'll learn to make nice lamp (nicer than mine) with any ecocup you want ! I hope you'll enjoy it and you'll show me your own.

Step 1: Supplies

To make it, you'll need :

You'll need too the folowing tools too

  • A drill
  • A hole saw in many size
  • A solder

Step 2: The Eco Cup Part

Now you have to drill 3 holes on the cup. Drill it slowly or you'll make cracks.

Step 3: The Wooden Part

On this step, you have to make wooden rings in different sizes.The size of the rings depends on the size of the led lamp you use.

I've drilled different sizes to include the led lamp body very well and the wire connection on the base of the lamp.When your rings are done, you have to glue together and sand them.

Step 4: Link the 2 Parts

Now you have to screw the buried led light on the wooden base and link it to the cup with nuts and bolts. The top of the cup is composed of 2 rings. First you have to put a very thin and breakable wooden ring. Make it slowly I've broken 2 of them before succeeding ! Add 2 screws to fix the ring to the cup. The second ring you have to put is a full disk where you can stick a mirror to reflect the light. Now glue this piece on the thin one screwed on the cup and it's over for this step.

Step 5: Wiring

I finally decided not to use push-pull switch because the wire I've bought was already equipped with a switch. I'll save my push-pull for another project. You have to solder wire themselves with tin and insulate conductor with thermal sheath. Add colsons to avoid removal.

Finally you have to stick a full wooden disk under the base of the lamp to hide and protect the wire.

Step 6: In the End

My project isn't completly finished, I've to makes some finishing sanding touches but i would like to show you this light as soon as possible. I like the way the ecocup diffracts the light.

I think my Guns n' Roses Ecocup is well enhanced.

My English isn’t perfect but I'm doing my best ;)
Thank you very much for reading, I hope I gave you some usefull ideas ! If you liked this intructable and if you have any questions or tips please leave me a comment and don’t forget to vote for it :P !

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