Introduction: Inexpensive Homemade 4 Band Puzzle Ring

I'm guessing I'm the first kid under 14 to make a puzzle ring of this sort (but my cousin is 18 and he helped me figure out how to make it).
I made this puzzle ring after seeing my sister and her bf wearing one. I searched this on google and found this ( I don't use a bending jig
like that guy does, and I'm not nearly as old or experienced as he is). It took several tries, but you'll eventually get it right (I hope...)

* Disclaimer * I have no idea how, but if you somehow manage to kill, damage, or maim someone or something while making this, DON'T blame it on me. Maybe if you swallowed the wire... :-/

(If you aren't the type of person whose hands are nimble, then you might have more trouble with this.) The way I made this was by bending and hammering 16 gauge wire (more or less) DO NOT USE PAPERCLIPS (it's too brittle and will snap easily). I first made a few prototypes to get the shape right. Once I understood how everything fit together I cut my "final product" wire into four 10 centimeter pieces (It'll probably be too long, but you can trim it to your size after) I then bent it into shape (see 3rd picture). Fit the two wires together as shown in the 4th picture. Be sure to fix it together (I used tape) until you're finished assembling the parts in the pattern shown in the first pic. You should bend the wire into a shape that will fit together with all the other pieces.

Note: Click the picture for slideshow (highly recommended to understand what I'm talking err... writing about)
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