Introduction: Infinity Bass Drum

This project was inspired by The Infinity Mirror, in order for my artistic presentations, and look very nice on your drum!

For this project you will need:

- 1x Drumhead REMO Starfire Chrome
- 1x 50cm Acrylic cut in the shape of the disc (in the case of my bass drum 18 ")
- 1x 1m led strip (in the case of my bass drum 18 ")
- Some plastic washers 1mm or 2mm
- Double-sided tape
- 12V or 12V Battery Source

Place the bass drum drumhead in tune and with little change in tone for severe acute, it depends on your personal choice.

Now the arc closes his bass drum, stick your tape led with double sided tape, now connect the ends of the ribbon on your battery so that you can connect to a switch to make your life easier, or you can do an installation in an AC source so it must have the power and plug this source.

Now measure and draw which will each screw hole of your bass drum in acrylic and drill holes as the screws, this step requires great delicacy because the acrylic is very fragile, so use a drill blind as the bolt and the hole to few to not crack the acrylic.

Once stuck put washers on both sides between the acrylic, so you create a small space for the exhaust sound more clearly, this setting usually works very well indoors and miking, but outdoors no limitations, but nothing that hinders your presentation

Now connect your LED mirror and see the effect on your bass, you can still cover this acrylic with a mirrored film, to increase the power of reflection of the lamps, but I found more interesting to keep the acrylic transparent and show all mirroring the drumhead.


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