Introduction: Infinity Dodecahedron

The original inspiration


I just simplified it to 3rd-grade level.

Step 1: Parts Needs

You can start with building your own Dodecahedron.

Youtube How to building a dodecahedron

Add 12 pieces of perfectly cut out one-way mirror (Amazon $14)

Or you can start with a pre-built model ( Amazon $22)

Then just apply mirror film on the glasses (Amazon $10)

Step 2: Tips on Applying Mirror Film on Glass

  1. Clean up the glass surface
  2. Lightly apply some soapy water on the glass surface
  3. Use scotch tape on the mirror film to remove the transparent back film.
  4. Put film on the glass
  5. Cut off the excess part of mirror film
  6. Gently push off all the air bubbles and let it dry.

Step 3: Adding Internal LED

I just use

(1) Addressable LED Strips Lighting 144 LED/M with 3-Pin JST Connectors ( Amazon $17)

(1) BlinkyTape Control Board with JST connector ( Blinklab $17)

(1) USB to micro USB connector

(1) USB battery pack

You can add all kind of LED Arduino light up project inside Infinity Dodecahedron. Even candles work really well

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