Introduction: Easy Virus Deactivation Kit for Reusing Mask

First the disclaimer: Do not reuse soiled and wetted masks! Do not share masks! THIS IS NOT A PROPER METHOD FOR MEDICAL STERILIZATION. This should only be used to reduce waste and extend mask usage when no other methods are viable.

The principle of virus deactivation by temperature method is based on the paper

Human Coronaviruses: Insights into Environmental Resistance and Its Influence on the Development of New Antiseptic Strategies

"Sensitivity of SARS-CoV to temperature has also been assayed. The exposure of the virus to a temperature of 56 °C over 30 min reduced virus titer under an undetectable level."

Here are the parts you will need


Small usable hot and cold Pack 5x10 ($6.5 Amazon)

Reusable Foil Insulated Bag Sandwich Bags ($10 for 3 Amazon)

5x7 zip lock bag

Step 1: Proper Way of Heating Using Microwave

Make sure you have an oven mitt ready. Depend on the power setting of your microwave, the time should be around 1:30 to 2:00. Heating the hot pack in 30 seconds increment. STOP the microwave IMMEDIATELY if the heat pack starts to balloon. The alochol gel inside the pack will boil at 75C. DO NOT OVERHEAT.

Step 2: Last Step

Use the oven Mit, put the heated pack, ziplocked mask inside the insulated bag and wait.

Step 3: Some Data and Graphic for Your Approval

Yea, Science.

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