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Introduction: Infinity Mirror UV String Art

Welcome to my second Instructable!

The Infinity String Art is the union of an Infinity Mirror with UV LEDs and String Art.

The optical effect desired is an infinite reflection of a glowing string art.

The main idea is to put a String Art between the mirror and the reflective glass of an Infinity Mirror.

Please tell me in the comments what you think about the project, the
tutorial, my English or anything related to this Instructable. Don't hesitate to ask questions too, I'll reply as soon as possible(which is usually in the next few hours).

I couldn't find any thing like that on internet, so it is my duty to write an Instructable for you guys.

Don't hesitate to share and build yours!
If you happen to make your own, please answer to this Instructables as "I Made It!" so everyone can see it!

Before starting I'd like to say that this is as simple as an Infinity Mirror is, there are just a few extra steps that you need to follow carefully if you don't want to fail the whole thing.

Here are the materials you'll need:
• Mirror
• Glass
• Reflective Film
• Wood Structure / Picture Frame
• UV Reactive Wool / String
• Strip of UV LEDs(3528 or 5050 SMD LEDs, Black PCB is the best)
• 12V Power Supply with its DC Power Jack Connector

Note that it can easily run on any 12V Battery :)

Here are 3 videos showing it in action...

Step 1: Mirror and Glass

I bought a simple picture frame thick enough to fit the LEDs, the String Art, the mirror and the reflective glass.

I removed the glass from the frame and applied a 50% reflective film to it.

I also bought a 35x25cm mirror which I then cut to fit the 25x25cm picture frame.
Note the small mistake in my cut...

Step 2: The Wood Structure Holding the Wool and the LEDs

I took apart the wood part that was holding back the glass inside the frame.
I then drilled 24 holes in each pieces and fixed them all together, using a stepler and some tape, to get the wood structure that will carry the wool and the LEDs.

Step 3: Gluing the Strip of LEDs

Cut your strip to the right length.
NOTICE that there are always an indication on the strip to tell you where you can cut without damaging the Strip of LEDs.

By removing the 3M paper you will reveal the sticking surface.

Just put the strip facing inside the frame as you would do for an Infinity Mirror.

You can see that when I put the wood structure in the frame and when I put the mirror on it, the power cable is right where I made the small mistake in my cut.

Step 4: String Art

Now you've glued the LEDs you're one step away from the final result!

If you're having hard time figuring what string art you could do...

The only difference? Instead of nails, we're dealing with holes in wood.
Does it change anything for the String Art? Nop :D

Just add the UV reactive wool through the 96 holes creating the patern you desire ;)

Let your imagination fly...

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    6 years ago

    very elegant, I made myself couple of infinity mirror before but this idea to add some object between glasses is very neat , have you tried plastic material instead of wool or string ? if you have any video for how to make those , really appreciated to share it


    Reply 6 years ago

    Hey Hamids! Thanks for the comment :)
    I did not try to put anything else yet, I'll keep you updated of I do so!
    I will take a video the next time I build one too ;)


    6 years ago

    I love it I'm 62 and feel my generation brought the black light and string art era to life and I would still have something like this on a patio area lit with other lights. My grand kids would love it and my daughter would also in her meditation room. Great idea!!!!


    6 years ago

    How do I get you to make me one and let me buy it from you?! Could it be made so I can just change out the strings in whatever way I want??


    Reply 6 years ago

    Just send me a private message for requests :)