Introduction: Infinity Mirror WS2812

Hi everyone!

I want to show you how to make simple infinity mirror.

Step 1: Materials

You need:
- pictureframe Ribba from IKEI

- glass plate 21cmx21cm

- 24 WS2812 leds

- one meter ethernet cable

- foil to cars windows to make mirror

- arduino UNO

Step 2: Build

1. We need to dissassembly picture frame.

2. Distance element is carton. We can easy drill in it places for our leds and cables.

3. Solder cable on leds ( I use leds in apdapters )

4. Put all leds in their places and secure all with some duck tape

We need also make mirrors from glassplates - just cover it with special foil.

5. Ready mirror

Our leds connect to arduino and programm it with example for Neopixel by adafruit.

Step 3: Final Effect

Just simple movie with effect :)

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