Introduction: Inner Tubes + Plastic Bags Woven Rug #2

Hi, hello again! In my previous instructable I've showed you how to make a rug or a sitting mat out of bicycle inner tubes and plastic bags and promised to demonstrate an alternative technique of doing it.

So here it is.

Step 1:

As previously, you'll need a bunch of plastic bags and bicycle inner tubes.

More specifically (for ~30x40cm rug):

- 2 inner tubes (26 inch wheel)

- 8-10 plasic bags (55x105cm)

However, although there's more than one size of iner tubes as well as plastic bags, you should consider these numbers as an aproximation.

Bags with holes in them, that are not longer suitable for other uses can be used here.

Step 2:

So, first of all, you'll have to cut your bags into equal 31-33cm wide sections.

Flatten the bag on a surface first. Then fold it twice along the long edge and cut the sewn bottom off.

I used a paper roll as a template for lenght.

In the result you'll get about 30 sections (given 10 bags were used).

Step 3:

The inner tubes should be cut into rings. The width can be anything you want. I took it for 2,5cm.

You can simply use scissorst to cut tubes, but since I've made this guillotine cutter earlier, I'm using it. You can learn how to make one in my instructable but you can also make a simple tube chopper in matter of few minutes as weel.

Now, I'm using a piece of board with a mark on it at a required width to set the overhanging piece of the tube. Then I make a cut. This way I'm easily producing a large nuber of rubber rings in short ammount of time.

Step 4:

Also you'll need a bunch of narrow rings.

You can cut them out of the same inner tube or use regular rubber bands instead.

Step 5:

Now, before weaving you have to roll previously cut bag sections into rolls.

Try to roll them fairly tight, but without fanatism. Secure both ends with rubber bands.

Step 6:

And when everything is prepared, you can start weaving.

Take the first roll and slide the rubber ring toward its middle.

Then pull the second roll through the same ring aligning it with the first roll.

Add two rings to the second roll as shown on the photo, then slide two more rings from the ends on both rolls.

Repeat this pattern to connect both rolls, leaving few centimeters at ends free.

Step 7:

Adding the third roll basically goes the same way: slide the roll through loose loops from previous roll and add nre rings in gaps.

I recommend to work your way from the middle when adding new roll, as I showed in previous step. It makes thgins much easier than sliding the roll all the way down from the side.

Continue adding new rolls biulding the body of the rug.

Step 8:

To finish the weave simply pull the last roll through the free loops.

Step 9:

Undo the rubber bands and align the rolls evenly to prepare the piece for trimming.

Step 10:

USing a ruler mark a straight line along the side of the rug.

Use some sturdy scissors to trimm the excess material.

You may want to save the trimm-off sine in my future instructables I'm planning to show, how they can be reused as well.

Step 11:

To turn the edge into fluffy bristles pull the strands by hand fray the fibers. Use awl to pull some extra if needed.

Obviously, this will only work if this specific type of plasic bag is used. If you're using regular, like grocery-kind-of plasic bad, you might try to make series of lenghtwice cuts to achieve the bush-like look.

Step 12:

Trimm the loose strands with scissors and fluff the fibers up with your hand.

On this step your rug is finished.

Step 13:

Finished rug looks good and is soft and thick, so it can also be used for sitting.

Althought I've had a whole bunch of different itterations for this kind of rug in mind, after some experimentations only these two worked out decently enough. However, I have a few more ideas to try, so if you liked this one, you might want to stay tooned up for more. But this is it for now, thanks for your attention and have nice bags.

I'm writing instructables for two years now and realy enjoy doing this. And if you enjoy, what I'm doing, you can help me to evolve. Take a look at my Amazon wish list or send me an Amazon gift card using my email: Any couple of bucks will help.

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